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Introduction to Twitch Notifications

For Beginners

Twitch Notifications are Streamcord's main feature. They allow you to receive an automated message whenever your favourite streamers go live. If you're interested in setting up your server as fast as possible, we recommend following the tutorial below:

Twitch NotificationsAdd a Notification

For Advanced Users


Streamcord supports variables in notifications. Variables are placeholders that are replaced with the appropriate value when the notification is sent.

Twitch NotificationsVariables

Mentioning Users and Roles

Streamcord supports mentioning users and roles in notifications. This allows you to ping users and roles when a streamer goes live.

Twitch NotificationsMentioning Users and Roles

Game and Title Filters

Streamcord supports game and title filters in notifications. This allows you to only receive notifications when a streamer plays a certain game or has a certain title.

Twitch NotificationsGame and Title Filters

Auto Crosspost

Streamcord supports auto crossposting in notifications. This allows you to automatically crosspost a streamer's stream to a channel when they go live.

Twitch NotificationsAuto Crosspost

Stream End Cleanup

Streamcord supports stream end cleanup in notifications. This allows you to automatically delete the notification message when a streamer ends their stream.

Twitch NotificationsStream Cleanup


Common Issues

Twitch NotificationsCommon Issues

Dashboard Error Codes

Twitch NotificationsDashboard Error Codes