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Introduction to Notifications

For beginners

Streamer notifications are Streamcord's main feature. They allow you to receive an automated message whenever your favourite streamers go live. If you're interested in setting up your server as fast as possible, we recommend following the tutorial below:

Streamer NotificationsAdd a notification

For advanced users

Streamcord has two types of notification systems:

Spyglass notifications

Spyglass is the recommended system for stream notifications.

Streamer NotificationsAdd a notification

Legacy notifications


Legacy notifications will reach End of Life soon. We strongly recommend that you use Spyglass notifications instead.

Legacy NotificationsLegacy End of Life

Legacy notifications are the first version of Streamcord's notifications.

Compare types of notifications

Delivery time3–10 minutes1–3 minutes
Custom messageYesYes
Custom embed colorYesYes
Supports variablesYesYes
Stream end messageYes
Title & Game FiltersYes
Custom thumbnailWith Streamcord Pro
Auto crosspostWith Streamcord Pro

What is Stream end cleanup?

Stream end cleanup is a Spyglass feature that allows Streamcord to delete or edit the notification message, or send a new message when the stream ends.

With Streamcord Pro, a custom stream end message may be set.