Welcome to Streamcord's documentation. This site will guide you on the process of setting up Streamcord in your server.

For beginners

Several pages in the documentation have a "For beginners" section at the top. These sections contain a brief explanation of what certain features do and how to configure them. If you're new to Streamcord and are setting up the bot for the first time, we suggest you follow those headings.
We recommend starting with this page:
To get a full understanding of Streamcord's features, we also recommend reading the "Introduction" pages under each section.

Streamer Notifications

Live Role

Getting help, reporting issues, and making suggestions

The documentation site should have everything you need to get Streamcord working. However, if you run into some issues, please reach out to us on our Discord server.

Supporting the bot

Streamcord will always be a free-to-use service. However, for $2.50 / month, you can get access to an exclusive bot, and some more features.
You can check out Streamcord Pro on our website or on Patreon.
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