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Adding the Notification

  1. Visit the Streamcord Dashboard and choose your server from the list.

  2. Click "Add notification".

Screenshot of server dashboard page
  1. Complete the form on the page:

  2. Fill in the streamer's name, the Discord channel where you want the notification to be sent to, and a custom message.

  3. Select the Channel you want it to post to.

  4. Create a custom message to use for the notification.


Supports Discord Markdown to format your message.

  1. Click the "Add notification" button at the bottom of the page.
Screenshot of notififcation add page


Congrats, you've just added your first notification!

More Information


Supports variables to display information about the streamer.

Stram NotificationsUsing Variables

Mentioning Users and Roles

  • Supports mentioning roles.
TroubleshootingMentioning Users and Roles

Auto Crosspost

  • Allows you to automatically publish messages in announcement channels.
  • Useful for cross posting stream announcements to other channels/servers.
Stream NotificationsAuto Crosspost

Custom webhook

  • Allows you to use a custom webhook for notifications.
  • Allows for customization of the webhook's name and avatar.
Stream NotificationsCustom Webhooks

Stream End Cleanup

  • Allows you to automatically delete the notification when the stream ends.
Twitch NotificationsStream End Cleanup

Game and Title Filters

  • Allows you to filter notifications to only show if they are playing a certain game or have a certain title
Twitch NotificationsGame and Title Filters