Getting Started
Don't know what to do after inviting Streamcord to your server? We'll show you how to get started!

Add Streamcord to your server

You can invite Streamcord to any server that you have the Manage Server permission in.
  1. 2.
    You should see a prompt from Discord asking you if you want to allow Streamcord to see your username and servers. Click Authorize.
  2. 3.
    Click on your server name in the list.
  3. 4.
    You should see another Discord prompt, this time asking you to add a bot to a server.
    • Select your server name in the dropdown, and click Continue.
    • Choose the permissions that you want to give Streamcord. Click Authorize.

Basic commands

To view Streamcord's help menu, just type/help using the slash command system in the server you've invited the bot to.
If Streamcord's slash commands are not displayed in the server, follow the steps outlined in this guide:
If you've set up the proper permissions, you'll be sent a message just like this one:
Streamcord Help Command
From here, you can get links to our website, dashboard, and other relevant sites.
Note: If you see an empty message from Streamcord, you've most likely turned off embeds in your Discord settings. From your Discord app, go to User Settings > Text & Images and turn on "Show website preview info from links pasted into chat."
Type / to view a list of slash commands. This will give you a list of everything that you can do with Streamcord. You can also view the commands list from this page.

Add a stream notification

Set up Live Role

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Add Streamcord to your server
Basic commands
Add a stream notification
Set up Live Role