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Getting Started with Pro

If you've just purchased Streamcord Pro, there are couple more steps that we need you to complete.

This is important so that Streamcord can recognise you as a Pro Subscriber.

  1. Go to the Streamcord Dashboard.
  2. Click the "Account" link located within the navigation bar, located near the top-left of the page.
  3. Under "Connections", click "Add account" under the orange/red Patreon section.
  4. On the Patreon authorization screen, click "Allow".

[Optional] In order to get the 'Pro Subscriber' role within the Streamcord support server, you will need to link your Discord account to Patreon. If you're not sure how to link the accounts, follow this guide on the Patreon help center.

3. Join our support server.

[Optional] Join our support server to receive an exclusive Pro supporter role, priority support, and important announcements about updates and new features.
Join here:

4. Add the Streamcord Pro bot to your server.

Invite the Pro bot from If you haven't subscribed to Pro, you will not be able to use the Pro bot on your server.


Required Permissions
Ensure that you give Streamcord Pro the required permissions to post notifications and manage Live Role.

Keeping or removing the free bot
You can choose to keep the free version of Streamcord on your server or remove it. Note that if your subscription expires, or you choose to disable Pro Mode, you'll need to use the free bot again.

5. Enable Pro Mode from the dashboard.

  1. Go to the Streamcord Dashboard.
  2. Click on your server in the list.
  3. On the main server page, click the checkbox next to "Enable Pro Mode".


Congrats, Streamcord Pro is now set up on your server! Any notifications and Live Role data will be automatically transferred over.