Spyglass Notifications

Spyglass is the newest type of stream notification that can be created through Streamcord. It is intended to replace Webhooks v2, and offers several benefits over previous types of notifications.

Spyglass is in beta. Some features may not work as intended, but please file a bug report in our Discord server if you come across anything unusual.

What makes Spyglass different?

  • It's fast. Spyglass will notify within 1 to 3 minutes of a stream starting or ending, making it much faster than legacy notifications.

  • It's reliable. Spyglass relies on EventSub, Twitch's newest technology for providing automation like Streamcord with up-to-date information.

  • It's consistent. Spyglass will notify exactly once for every stream, meaning that you'll never miss a stream notification.

  • It has all the same features as Webhooks v2. You can easily migrate all your existing Webhooks v2 notifications with our easy migration tool. (coming soon)

  • It allows us to add new features more easily. Spyglass is built to be our long-term solution to providing notifications for hundreds of thousands of channels; it's here to stay.

  • It's open-source. Spyglass's code is available on GitHub and licensed under the Boost Software License.

    • The code for spyglass-receiver, the part of Spyglass that sends messages to Discord, is also open-source on GitHub, also licensed under the Boost Software License.

How can I use Spyglass?

Currently, Spyglass is only available in private beta to partners and Streamcord Pro subscribers.

After we've determined that Spyglass is ready to be used in wider settings, we'll open it for usage on the free bot.

Once Spyglass is available to you, you'll be able to add a Spyglass notification from your dashboard page. Follow this guide for instructions: