Common Issues

Streamcord doesn't add the Live Role to server members

Make sure that Streamcord has the Manage Roles permission (alternatively, you can give Streamcord the Administrator permission), and ensure that the Streamcord role is at the top of your server's role list.
Streamcord Role Permissions
In order to recieve the live role, the user must have the purple streaming status on Discord.
Purple Streaming Status on Discord
User Modal - Purple Streaming Status
To get the purple streaming status, a user must:
  • Enable streamer mode on Discord
  • Have their Twitch account linked to their Discord account
  • Be an affiliate or higher on Twitch (this is a requirement stated by Discord, but isn't required based on our testing)
If that doesn't work, try disconnecting your twitch from your discord profile and then reconnecting it. This does the trick for most of our users
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