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Live Role - Troubleshooting

Streamcord doesn't add the live role to anyone in my server

Make sure that Streamcord has the Manage Roles permission (alternatively, you can give Streamcord the Administrator permission), and ensure that Streamcord's highest role is above the live role.

Streamcord doesn't add the live role to certain members

In order to receive the live role, the user must have the purple streaming status on Discord.

To get the purple streaming status, a user must:

  • Enable streamer mode on Discord
  • Have their Twitch account linked to their Discord account

The following cases can also cause problems with the live role:

  • The user's Twitch account is not an affiliate or partner
    • This requirement isn't mentioned by Discord, but we have found this based on our testing. This does not happen with every non-affiliate account.
  • The user is streaming on a console
    • Manually enable streamer mode and keep Discord open on a desktop or laptop device.

Please note that, in some cases, a user's streaming status will only appear on their Discord client, and not to others. If this happens, restart your Discord app.

If none of the above solutions work, try disconnecting your twitch from your Discord profile and then reconnecting it.

As a last ditch resort, reach out to Discord support.