Advanced Features
With the release of the newest Live Role update, Live Role has some brand-new capabilities that will further enhance your server.
Advanced Live Role features are only available to Streamcord Pro subscribers. While Live Role's basic functionality is and will always remain free to use for everyone, these advanced features will be restricted to the premium bot.

You can now set up to 5 Live Role configurations on your servers! Each configuration has its own Live Role, filter role, and settings for Live Role Notifications. This lets you customize roles and notification messages for special groups like moderators, subscribers, and channel VIPs.
An example configuration is shown below, where server members with the "Very Cool Person" role will receive an extra live role compared to normal members.

Filter roles now support an additional mode: blacklist mode. Using blacklist mode will prevent anyone that has the filter role from receiving the live role. This is useful if you don't want a certain group of members to receive the live role in your server when they start streaming on Twitch.
You can designate a filter role to operate in blacklist mode by selecting the "Blacklist" option under the "Filter mode" dropdown on your server's Live Role dashboard page.
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