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Commands List

Streamcord supports the native slash commands subsystem. All commands start with /.

All references to Twitch channels will show as "streamer-name", where you provide what comes exactly after "" in their profile URL. Don't enter the entire link, and don't @ a Discord user.



View basic help and information about Streamcord.
Usage: /help


View basic bot information and stats.
Usage: /info


Display a link to invite Streamcord to your server.
Usage: /invite

language list

Display a list of available translations. Use the button within the message to switch pages.
Usage: /language list

language set

Sets Streamcord's language for your account. Enter a valid language code from the language list command.
Usage: /language set <language-code>
/language set es-ES

/language set ar



Shows info about the specified Twitch channel.
Usage: /user <streamer-name>
Example: /user tfue



Notifications are managed using the Streamcord Dashboard. To learn how to set up streamer notifications in your server, visit Add a Notification.

notifications help

Display help for setting up notifications.
Usage: /notifications help

Live Role


Live Role is managed using the Streamcord Dashboard. To learn how to set up Live Role in your server, visit Set Up Live Role.

liverole check

Displays the live role configuration within the server.
Usage: /liverole check

liverole forceupdate

Manually update members' roles in the server if they get out of sync.
Usage: /liverole forceupdate

liverole help

Display help for setting up Live Role.
Usage: /liverole help