Commands List

Command arguments surrounded with <> denote required fields, and arguments surrounded with [] denote optional fields. Don't include these characters when typing commands.

When arguments say "discord-channel," we mean an actual Discord text channel. Not a Twitch channel. All references to Twitch channels will show as "streamer-name", where you provide what comes exactly after "" in their profile URL. Don't enter the entire link, and don't @ a Discord user.

Live Role


Shows basic help and information about Streamcord. Usage: !twitch help


Shows a list of commands that you can run. You shouldn't need them though, because you're already looking at the commands list! Usage: !twitch commands


Shows basic bot information and stats Usage: !twitch info

lang help

View a list of available translations. To switch pages, enter a different number at the end of the command. Usage: !twitch lang help [page-number] Examples:!twitch lang help!twitch lang help 2

lang set

Sets Streamcord's language for your account. Enter a valid language code from the language help command. Usage: !twitch lang set <language-name> Examples:!twitch lang set es-ES


Shows a link to invite Streamcord to another server. Usage: !twitch invite


Shows status for the Twitch developer website. Usage: !twitch status


Test Streamcord's connection to Discord. Usage: !twitch ping



Shows info about the specified Twitch channel. Usage: !twitch user <streamer-name> Examples: !twitch user tfue

clips game

Gets a clip from the specified game. Usage: !twitch clips game <game> Examples:!twitch clips game Fortnite

Finds a clip that is trending. Usage: !twitch clips trending

clips user

Gets a clip from the specified Twitch channel. Usage: !twitch clips from <streamer-name> Examples:!twitch clips from riotgames


We recommend setting up notifications via the dashboard. Click here for a guide.

notif add

Add a streamer notification to your server. Usage: !twitch notif add [discord_channel] [streamer_name] [message] Examples: !twitch notif add!twitch notif add #announcements tfue Tfue is now live!

notif remove

Remove a streamer notification from your server. If no streamer_name argument is supplied, all notifications for the specified channel will be deleted. Usage: !twitch notif remove <discord_channel> [streamer_name] Examples: !twitch notif remove #announcements tfue!twitch notif remove #announcements

notif list

List notifications for the specified or current text channel. Usage: !twitch notif list [discord_channel] Examples: !twitch notif list #announcements

notif preview

Send a preview message for a notification in the current channel. Usage: !twitch notif preview <discord_channel> <streamer_name> Examples: !twitch notif preview #announcements tfue

Learn more about streamer notifications

Live Role

Live role is currently not working as expected due to issues out of our control. We apologize for the inconvenience.

We recommend setting up Live Role via the dashboard. Click here for a guide.

lr set role

Sets the Live Role for the current server. Usage: !twitch lr set role <role-name> Examples: !twitch lr set role @NowLive

lr set filter

Restricts the Live Role to users with a specific role. Usage: !twitch lr set filter <role-name> Examples: !twitch lr set filter @Streamers

lr delete

Removes the Live Role configuration. Usage: !twitch lr delete

lr delete filter

Removes the Live Role filter. Usage: !twitch lr delete filter

lr view

Shows general information about the server's Live Role configuration. Usage: !twitch lr view

lr check

Debug the live role. Usage: !twitch lr check

Learn more about Live Role



Listen to a Twitch stream in voice chat. You must be in a voice channel when running this command. Usage: !twitch listen <streamer-name> Examples:!twitch listen technobeaver


Shows the currently playing stream, if any. Usage: !twitch nowplaying


Stops the current stream and removes Streamcord from the voice channel. Usage: !twitch leave