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All commands start with !twitch. Command arguments that include <> denote required fields, and arguments that include [] denote optional fields. Don't include these characters when typing commands.
When arguments mention a "discord-channel," we mean an actual Discord text channel. Not a Twitch channel. All references to Twitch channels will show as "streamer-name", where you provide what comes exactly after "" in their profile URL. Don't enter the entire link, and don't @ a Discord user.
Live Role


Shows a list of commands that you can run. You shouldn't need them though, because you're already looking at the commands list! Usage: !twitch commands Aliases: cmds


Shows basic help and information about Streamcord. Usage: !twitch help


Shows basic bot information and stats Usage: !twitch info


Shows a link to invite Streamcord to another server. Usage: !twitch invite

lang help

View a list of available translations. To switch pages, enter a different number at the end of the command. Usage: !twitch lang help [page-number] Examples:!twitch lang help!twitch lang help 2

lang set

Sets Streamcord's language for your account. Enter a valid language code from the language help command. Usage: !twitch lang set <language-name> Examples:!twitch lang set es-ES


Test Streamcord's connection to Discord. Usage: !twitch ping

clips game

Gets a clip from the specified game. Usage: !twitch clips game <game> Examples:!twitch clips game Fortnite
Finds a clip that is trending. Usage: !twitch clips trending

clips user

Gets a clip from the specified Twitch channel. Usage: !twitch clips user <streamer-name> Examples:!twitch clips user Monstercat Aliases: clips from


Shows info about the specified Twitch channel. Usage: !twitch user <streamer-name> Examples: !twitch user tfue Aliases: channel

lr check

Debug the live role. Usage: !twitch lr check Aliases: live_role check

lr force_update

Restricts the Live Role to users with a specific role. Usage: !twitch lr force_update <role-name> Examples: !twitch lr force_update Streamers!twitch lr force_update @Streamers Aliases: live_role force_update

Learn more about Live Role


Listen to a Twitch stream in voice chat. You must be in a voice channel when running this command. Usage: !twitch listen <streamer-name> Examples:!twitch listen technobeaver Aliases: play, stream watch


Stops the current stream and removes Streamcord from the voice channel. Usage: !twitch leave Aliases: stop, disconnect, dc


Shows the currently playing stream, if any. Usage: !twitch nowplaying Aliases: now_playing, np, playing
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