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Add a Spyglass Notification

Set up your Notification Channel

1. Create a channel for stream announcements if you haven't already.

2. Edit your channel's settings, and go to the "Permissions" tab.

3. From the "Roles/Members" selection, add Streamcord.

4. Allow Streamcord to have the following permissions in the channel:

  • View Channel
  • Send Messages
  • Embed Links
  • Attach Files
  • Use External Emoji
  • Mention @everyone, @here, and All Roles

5. Click "Save changes".

Adding the Notification

1. Visit the Streamcord Dashboard and choose your server from the list.

2. Click "Add notification".

Screenshot of server dashboard page

3. Complete the form on the page:

  1. Fill in the streamer's name, the Discord channel where you want the notification to be sent to, and a custom message.
  2. Select the Channel you want it to post to.
  3. Create a custom message to use for the notification.
  4. Click the "Add notification" button at the bottom of the page.
Screenshot of notififcation add page


Congrats, you've just added your first notification!

More Information


  • Supports basic Discord Markdown.
    • Bold a text by surrounding the text with **
    • Italicize a text by surrounding the text with *
    • Underline a text by surrounding the text with __
    • Strikethrough a text by surrounding the text with ~~
    • Spoiler a text by surrounding the text with ||


  • Supports variables to display information about the streamer.
    • {stream.title} - The stream's title
    • {stream.viewers} - The number of people watching the stream
    • {} - The game that is being played on stream
    • {user.twitch_url} - The twitch URL of the streamer
    • {user.twitch_name} - The streamer's Twitch username
    • {} - The streamer's Twitch username
    • {everyone} - Inserts an @everyone mention
    • {here} - Inserts an @here mentionStreamer NotificationsUsing Variables

Mentioning Users and Roles

  • Supports mentioning roles.
    1. Click @ Insert Role Mention.
    2. Select the role from the Dropdown.
    3. Click Insert Mention.
Streamer NotificationsMentioning Users and Roles

Auto Crosspost

  • Allows you to automatically publish messages in announcement channels.
  • Useful for cross posting stream announcements to other channels/servers.
Streamer NotificationsAuto Crosspost

Custom webhook

Available with Streamcord Pro

Custom webhooks are available with Streamcord Pro.

Learn more
  • Allows you to use a custom webhook for notifications.
  • Allows for customization of the webhook's name and avatar.

Stream End Cleanup

7. Game and Title Filters

  • Game:
    • Allows you to filter notifications by game.
    • You can add a game by clicking Add a new game rule.
    • You can remove a game by clicking the X next to it.
  • Title:
    • Allows you to filter notifications by title.
    • You can add a title by clicking Add a new title rule.
    • You can remove a title by clicking the X next to it. Image of Game and Title Filters screen
  • Uses RegEx to filter notifications:
    • ^ - Matches the beginning of the pattern.
    • $ - Matches the end of the pattern.
    • | - Matches either the expression before or after the operator
    • () - Groups a series of elements to a single element
    • (?i) - Makes the expression case-insensitive
  • If you have multiple filter rules, choose a Filter mode from the list
Streamer NotificationsGame and Title Filters