Introduction to PTB
Streamcord's PTB program has been discontinued as of September 6th, 2022. This documentation page will remain for posterity.
Streamcord PTB allows everyone to test the next major version of Streamcord's backend code.
The Streamcord PTB bot must be invited to your server in order to use PTB features.

What does PTB include now?

The Public Test Build version currently contains a completely rewritten version of Streamcord's backend. This includes:
  • A new Live Role handler
  • A new slash command handler
The following features have been removed in the PTB bot:
  • Audio commands (!twitch listen)
  • Live Role Event Logs

What will PTB include in the future?

In the future, we will expand the PTB to include:
  • A new dashboard
    • An updated UX/UI
    • Easier management of notifications & Live Role
    • Statistics for Click Analytics
    • Easier Streamcord Pro subscription management
  • More notification & Live Role features
  • Other new features
These features will eventually be pushed to the main bot after a public beta period. Please note that there is no ETA for these features, and they may be changed or scrapped entirely at any time.

How do I add the PTB bot to my server?

You can invite Streamcord PTB to your server via
Do not remove the normal Streamcord bot from your server. As of now, the PTB dashboard relies on the main bot in order to communicate with Discord. You should keep both bots in your server if you want to use PTB features.
The PTB bot uses a different dashboard link. In order to manage notifications and Live Role configurations, you can visit Note that this version of the dashboard can only manage the PTB bot in your server. It also does not implement the dashboard rewrite yet.
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What does PTB include now?
What will PTB include in the future?
How do I add the PTB bot to my server?