Transfer notifications to Spyglass

You can easily move your existing Legacy and Webhooks v2 notifications to Spyglass with the click of a button on the dashboard.

1. Visit your server's dashboard page.

2. Switch to the "notifications" tab.

3. Scroll to the bottom of the page. You'll see a section labeled "Bulk actions".

If you don't see the bulk actions section on the dashboard, you may not have access to the Spyglass beta yet. Spyglass is currently available to all Streamcord Pro subscribers.

4. Click the button that corresponds to the type of notifications that you want to transfer to Spyglass.

  • To transfer Webhooks v2 notifications, click the "Transfer Webhooks v2 to Spyglass" button.

  • To transfer Legacy notifications, click the "Transfer Legacy to Spyglass" button.

You can click either button at any time to transfer notifications to Spyglass.