Add a Legacy Notification
This guide will show you how to set up automatic announcements for when a specific streamer goes live.
Legacy Notifications are deprecated. Instead, you should use Spylgass Notifications. If you want to read more about the EOL process for Legacy, visit this page.

Set up your notification channel

1. Create a channel for stream announcements if you haven't already.
2. Edit your channel's settings, and go to the "Permissions" tab.
3. From the "Roles/Members" selection, add Streamcord.
Add Streamcord to the channel's permission overrides.
4. Allow Streamcord to have the following permissions in the channel:
  • View Channel
  • Send Messages
  • Embed Links
  • Attach Files
  • Use External Emoji
  • Mention @everyone, @here, and All Roles
Give Streamcord the needed permissions.
5. Click "Save changes".

Add the notification from the dashboard

1. Go to in your browser.
2. Log in with Discord.
3. Choose your server from the list.
4. Under the "Stream notifications" section, click "Add notification".
Click the "Add notification" link.
5. Fill in the streamer's name, choose your announcement channel, and type a custom message. In this example, we're adding a notification for summit1g in the #live-streams channel.
Enter your streamer, channel, and custom message.
6. Click the "Add notification" button.
Congrats, you just set up your first stream notification! You can also experiment with different settings and change up the custom message.

Make the most out of your notifications

Did you know that Streamcord can do more than just what we covered in this article?
Spyglass supports extra features like stream end messages.
You can also spice up your notification message with variables.

Resolving common issues

Having trouble getting your notification to work? Follow these steps to troubleshoot and solve some common issues:
You can also join our Discord server to get extra help.
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