Legacy End of Life
This page outlines the timeline for the deprecation and end-of-life cycle for Legacy notifications.


Since its conception, Spyglass has been intended to replace Legacy notifications as the backend for Streamcord's notification system. Spyglass contains many improvements over Legacy (which are outlined on Spyglass's documentation page) and overall is a more ideal system for both users (that's you) and Streamcord as a whole.
Because of this, there will be a transition period while we finalize the switch from Legacy to Spyglass, and to allow users to report bugs and potentially find any other issues. While Spyglass has undergone intensive internal testing and private beta phases with Partners and Pro subscribers, we still want the switchover to be as smooth as possible.
Before the final deprecation date for Legacy, you will be able to manually transfer your notifications over to Spyglass. After that, we will start to incrementally transfer over a percentage of Legacy notifications until all the notifications have been transferred, at which point Legacy will reach EOL (End of Life) and be gone forever.

Important & upcoming dates

  • September 4, 2021: Public beta release for Spyglass.
  • February 26, 2022: Full stable release for Spyglass and initial deprecation period for Legacy. You will not be able to create new Legacy notifications but will still be able to edit and delete your existing ones.
  • TBD, 2022: Final deprecation period for Legacy. The automatic transfer period will start.
  • TBD, 2022: 50% of Legacy notifications will be automatically transferred to Spyglass by this date.
  • TBD, 2022: EOL for Legacy. 100% of Legacy notifications will be automatically transferred, and infrastructure for Legacy will be removed.