Common Issues

Streamcord deletes my notifications

Due to an internal database error, all legacy notifications created before July 24th, 2020 were deleted. If you created your notifications before this date, they have likely not been deleted as a result of a permissions misconfiguration.

This is due to the way permissions are configured in your server. Streamcord will automatically delete notifications in channels it doesn't have permissions to send messages in.

Refer to the next section for information on how to properly configure permissions in your announcement channel.

Streamcord doesn't send announcements

Ensure that Streamcord has correct permissions in order to send notifications.

Give Streamcord the following permissions for your notifications channel:

  • Read Messages

  • Send Messages

  • Embed Links

  • Attach Files

  • Read Message History

  • Mention Everyone

  • Use External Emojis

Streamcord announces my stream after I've been live for several minutes

Due to the way how Twitch API works and to the sheer size of total notifications, the bot takes some time to send out notifications. Timing vary based on the the type of notification used:

  • Legacy Notifications (Streamcord) : 3 - 7 mins

  • Legacy Notifications (Streamcord Pro) : 1 - 3 mins

  • Webhooks: 2 - 5 mins

  • Live Role Notifications: Near-instant