Introduction to Notifications

For beginners

Streamer notifications are Streamcord's main feature. They allow you to receive an automated message whenever your favourite streamers go live. If you're interested in setting up your server as fast as possible, we recommend choosing one of the pages below:

For advanced users

Streamcord has two types of notification systems:

Legacy notifications are the first version of Streamcord's notifications. While they have been superseded by Webhooks v2 and will receive no new features, legacy notifications are still the primary system for receiving announcements, are not deprecated, and will continue to receive support for the foreseeable future.

Webhooks v2 is an alternative method of receiving notifications with Streamcord. Webhooks v2 leverages Twitch's WebSub hooks, not Discord's webhooks.

If you are new to Streamcord, we recommend using legacy notifications due to its slightly more user-friendly interface.

Please note that you cannot change Legacy notifications to Webhooks v2 and vice versa. You must delete and recreate the notifications to switch between the two.

Legacy vs. Webhooks v2

While both legacy and webhooks v2 provide the same basic goal—to provide stream notifications—the two versions have some small differences that could affect Streamcord's performance in your server.


Webhooks v2

Delivery time

3–5 minutes

3 minutes


Commands + dashboard

Dashboard only

Custom message



Custom embed colour



Supports variables



Supports failover


Stream end cleanup


Custom thumbnail

With Streamcord Pro

Auto crosspost

With Streamcord Pro

What is Failover?

Failover allows Streamcord to notify your stream in the event of a Twitch, Discord, or Streamcord outage.

What is Stream end cleanup?

Stream end cleanup is a Webhooks v2 feature that allows Streamcord to delete or edit the notification message, or send a new message when the stream ends.

With Streamcord Pro, a custom stream end message may be set.