Set up Live Role via the dashboard

Live role is currently not working as expected on the free version of Streamcord due to issues out of our control. We apologize for the inconvenience. Streamcord Pro subscribers and a certain percentage of servers on the free version of Streamcord have been allowed early access to a beta program for Live Role. For more information and to check if your server is eligible, read the FAQ page.

  1. Click on your server's name. If you don't see your server, check that you have the Manage Server permission and are logged in with the correct Discord account.

  2. Go to the "Live role" tab.

  3. Under the "Live role" dropdown box, choose the role that you want members to be given when they go live.

  4. Click "Update settings".

Optional: Select a filter role by choosing a role from the "Filter role" dropdown box. The filter role acts as a whitelist. If enabled, only people who have the filter role will be able to receive the live role.

Note: Do not set the live role and the filter role to the same role.