Live Role Beta FAQ

After several months of being offline, we've finally discovered a workaround that may let us re-release Live Role to servers on the free version of Streamcord.

As the name implies, Live Role is still in beta, so you should expect bugs. Please report any issues to our support server.

How do I get the beta?

As of January 31st, the Live Role beta is now in all servers using Streamcord, both Pro and free.

When will Live Role reach my server?

Expected release dates are rough estimates. It's possible that we will not be able to deploy to more servers on time; we want to do our absolute best to ensure this situation never happens again.

Amount of servers (approximate)

Expected release date



January 8, 2021



January 16, 2021



January 23, 2021



January 25, 2021



January 31, 2021


I have the beta, but Live Role doesn't work in my server.

As mentioned before, it's likely that there will be issues with Live Role before the full release. It would be extremely helpful if you could open a ticket in our Discord server and explain what issues you're having.

If I purchased Pro, do I get early access to Live Role?

Yes, all Streamcord Pro subscribers have access to Live Role through the Pro bot. Note that if you're subscribed to Pro, it does not guarantee that you would receive Live Role in any of your servers that only have the free bot.

Please use extra consideration if you're deciding whether or not to purchase Pro in order to receive early access to Live Role. Live Role for Streamcord Pro is still in beta as well, and the same terms listed on this page apply.

However, it's much appreciated if you want to subscribe to Pro, as this new solution will likely end up costing us 4x more than our existing hosting costs.